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allmusic_ustheduo_v2, a trusted music reference for more than 20 years, is now the latest online destination on which you can share your BandPage profile materials, such as your profile picture, bio, merchandise listings and upcoming events.

Effortless integration
As a BandPage musician, you will be automatically enabled via your BandPage editor to provide AllMusic with your BandPage profile materials.  If you keep this option enabled, AllMusic will have the option, at its election, of using your BandPage profile materials across its service starting 48 hours from the time of this blog post.

Please note that AllMusic may choose not to use any or all of your BandPage profile materials.  For example, AllMusic may choose to display your upcoming events and merchandise listings, but not your BandPage biography or profile picture at this time. If your content is not made available to AllMusic and you would like to request that it be made available, please contact us and include the URL of your AllMusic artist page; our team will help pass along your request!  

If you do not want to provide AllMusic with your profile materials, you may opt-out by visiting your BandPage editor and deselecting the ‘Enabled’ option in the ‘Audience’ tab.

If you do wish to participate but do not see your BandPage content on your AllMusic artist profile page please contact us and include the URL of your AllMusic profile.

To provide your most up-to-date materials, make sure you update your BandPage profile often. If you need help, we got you covered.

Remember, size matters

Upload a profile photo that is at least 1600 x 1600 pixels, so that you look your best across all platforms and devices.

Promoting Your BandPage Experiences: Part 3 – YouTube

Hey Musicians,

Now that you know how to promote your BandPage Experiences on Facebook and Twitter, our third post in this series will cover how to promote your Experiences on YouTube, both on your channel page and on your individual videos.

Promoting on YouTube

YouTube recently announced the YouTube One Channel, a redesigned layout for your YouTube account. You can promote your BandPage Experiences URL on your YouTube banner so that fans visiting your YouTube (in addition to your individual videos) will click through to them. Below is a screenshot of how to edit the links that show up on your banner.

How to set up your YouTube One Channel

BandPage is also an official YouTube Merch Annotations partner, which means that you can link out to your BandPage Experiences directly from within your videos. Annotations show up to your fans right when they are immersed in your video, so it’s the perfect place to promote your Experiences. It’ll show up as a transparent box that hovers over your video, like in Jack Conte’s video below:

 Jack Conte's Experiences Promotion on YouTube

Best Practices:

  • Keep your tone genuine and excited. This is an opportunity for you to reward your fans and give them a chance to get closer to you.
  • Always have a call to action. Jack Conte’s annotation gives the viewer a clear action step by telling them to buy his experience if they want to learn how to play the Ableton like him.
  • Show your fans what they’re getting. Whether in the video content itself like Jack did or in the annotation details, show your viewers what they’re getting. If it’s lessons, show off your skills. If it’s a meet and greet, show off your personality.


For our other posts on how to promote your BandPage Experiences:

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Music Monday: Alex Day and the Power of an Engaged Fan Base

The internet has been buzzing lately about Alex Day, the YouTube sensation who released his album at the same time as Justin Timberlake and outsold him on the iTunes UK charts with a fraction of the resources. How did he do it? Years of hard work to engage and cultivate his passionate fan base.

Day started posting videos on YouTube in 2006, and has kept a schedule of 1-2 videos a week since then – that’s some real dedication there. Now he boasts more than 600,000 subscribers, 100 million + views on YouTube, and over half a million songs sold. Now for the biggest revelation – he’s done it all independently, without a label.

James Altucher of TechCrunch wrote a great piece on Alex and it has some great lessons in there about how musicians should manage social media. The thing to remember about all of this is that it didn’t happen overnight. This was a product of almost a decade of hard work that finally paid off. So to our musicians who are reading this, there will be hard times in your career – but keep building up your foundation and content. Practice and get feedback from your friends and the larger music community. Continually engage your fans and reward them for supporting you. That’s the core idea driving BandPage experiences – we want to give musicians like you an opportunity to break down the glass wall between you and your fans, to reach out to them and engage them like never before.

And of course, here’s Alex Day’s new album for you to listen to and buy:

Alex Day – Epigrams and Interludes

And just for fun, Alex will explain “Lost” to you right now.

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