Tip of the week: Adding SoundCloud tracks to your BandPage Profile

It has come to our attention in recent weeks that some of you have had trouble getting SoundCloud tracks into your BandPage Profile. After some investigating we’ve discovered that there is a common misunderstanding amongst many of you BandPagers so we are here to help clarify a few things.  First and foremost,uploading a track from your computer and adding tracks from SoundCloud are essentially the same thing. Both processes require that you sync your BandPage Profile to a SoundCloud account.  However, the processes for doing so are a bit different.

Adding Tracks From SoundCloud:

When you click to add tracks from your SoundCloud account, you must first go through the process of syncing an existing SoundCloud account to your BandPage Profile. If you haven’t already sync’ed your SoundCloud account, you will be asked to log into SoundCloud using your SoundCloud credentials.  Once you have logged in, the list of the tracks currently in your SoundCloud library will pop up.  If there are tracks that aren’t already in your BandPage profile, you will have the ability to add them here.  Adding new tracks is as simple as clicking the check boxes next to the tracks you would like to add.  Once you have finished selecting your tracks, click “Next” and you are good to go!


Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 4.37.08 PM

Uploading Tracks From Your Computer:

When you click to upload from your computer, it technically still requires you to connect to your SoundCloud account. We provide this option as a way for you to set up a SoundCloud account quickly and easily – essentially skipping the step of having to go to SoundCloud.com first.  This is helpful for those musicians that don’t yet have a SoundCloud account.  By adding a track via your computer, you are able to quickly create a SoundCloud Account and immediately starting add tracks to your BandPage Profile.


It is important to remember that your BandPage Profile can only be connected to one SoundCloud account at a time. If you try to upload from your computer when you have already added tracks from your SoundCloud account, it won’t work. Similarly, if you try to connect to a SoundCloud account when you have already uploaded from your computer, this won’t work either. You need to either consolidate your music to one SoundCloud account, or disconnect the current account so that you can connect to the new one created by uploading from your computer. If you wish to disconnect or reset your SoundCloud account, you can learn how from this helpful article in our Help Center.

Tip of the week: Ordering tracks on your BandPage

There are lots of things to consider when setting up your BandPage Profile, like which songs to use, what order to put them in, whether or not you should feature them on your Website, and the list goes on.  To help make this easier for you we have made some improvements to the ordering function of your BandPage track list.

Step One:  Choose the songs that you want to have in your BandPage Profile

We recommend that you upload at least five tracks to provide variety to your fans and keep them engaged.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 1.52.59 PM

Step Two:  Put your tracks in the order that you want your fans to listen to them in

This can be based on what was most recently released, what is the most popular, or however else you want to order them.  To do this, log in to BandPage.com and access the music editor:

1) By default you will land in the “Create Your Profile” tab.


2) From here, choose “Music” from the left side menu and click the white space next to each track to drag it into a new location in the list.


3) Once your tracks are in the order that you want them in, save the changes and you’re done!

Now when fans come to your BandPage Profile they will see a customized track list and have the listening experience that you have designed for them.  If you have any questions about this process or want to give us some feedback, feel free to drop us a note through our Help Center or by emailing us directly at support@bandpage.com!

BandPage Now Extends Your Profile to Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and Sponsored Concert Listings on Pandora

bandpage-now-powersHey BandPagers,

Happy New Year! We’ve got some great news for you. We’re excited to announce the continued expansion of our platform integrations including Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and now the sponsored Concert Listings on Pandora. With these new integrations, we’re continuing to increase the reach of musicians worldwide with more ways for you to engage your fans.

“We use BandPage for all of our artists from POD to Maroon 5. It’s awesome to be able to control our online presence with just a few clicks, even better now that Pandora and Twitter are new channels. We’re able to spend more time on our online strategy rather than wasting it updating site after site,” says Ryan Kravontrka of Career Artist Management.

The Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud integrations make it possible for artists to manage how they represent themselves on the biggest online social networking sites by updating their profile photo and parts of their bio from within the BandPage editor. The Pandora Concert Listings, which is sponsored by third-party advertisers, allows artists to manage show dates that appear to listeners based on their Pandora stations and location.

BandPage Powers Twitter, Facebook, Pandora and SoundCloud

“I remember when I was growing up, if I heard a song that resonated with me, it took all sorts of effort to identify the band and find out if, when and where they might be touring. It’s exciting to see artist driven companies work together to create a better experience for the fan and make things easier,” says Grammy-nominated musician Matisyahu.

BandPage is committed to finding new opportunities to help you deliver your content to your fans across the web. Twitter, Facebook, Pandora and SoundCloud are the latest addition to the many platforms you can now manage from within BandPage, and we’ll be continuing to find great places and ways for you to promote your music so make sure to update your profile. It’s an exciting time and we’re excited to be doing this with you!

As always, make sure to follow the BandPage blog for more updates and tips!


BandPage Continues to Revolutionize the Music Industry’s Presence Online With 3 More Places You Can Publish To

Now You Can Update Your Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud profile photos from within BandPage

BandPage Connect

Hey BandPagers,

Today we at BandPage are excited to announce that you can now update your Twitter, SoundCloud, and Facebook profile pictures from within BandPage. Just weeks after we launched BandPage Connect with partners WordPress, Guitar Center, Conduit Mobile, Midem Music Festival and more, we’ve seen incredible results from our musicians and partner services alike.

Over 100,000 Extensions have been created by musicians around the world since we released the functionality in July 2012, which shows just how impactful and necessary this technology is for the music industry. “Keeping all our photos, videos and new tour dates updated on the services we’re using online is tiring,” said Nonafaye Williams, Digital Marketing Manager for Pierce The Veil. “BandPage makes it easy – for example, we’re using Conduit Mobile for our mobile app and since we were able to connect our BandPage profile to their service we don’t need to worry about updating the content there manually anymore. It’s an incredible tool that every music and social outlet should utilize.”

Our BandPage Connect launch partners have also been seeing uplifts in traffic stemming from the implementation, from local services like Local Music Vibe which has seen a 6x increase in worldwide artist signups and a dramatically increased conversion rate, to large platforms like WordPress. WordPress alone saw over one million fan interactions with BandPage Extensions installed across musician WordPress sites and blogs. Examples of bands using WordPress are M83 and Taking Back Sunday.

“Since the launch of BandPage Connect three weeks ago, we’ve seen a tremendous lift in engagement to musician sites on WordPress.com,” said Raanan Bar-Cohen, VP of Media Services. “Fans have interacted with over a million BandPage Extensions across WordPress.com sites where musicians are using BandPage Connect. This really strengthens WordPress.com as a valuable platform for musicians — a place for bands to connect with fans and keep them up-to-date with their most current work.”

BandPage Connects to 3 More Services: Twitter, SoundCloud and Facebook

The addition of Twitter, SoundCloud and Facebook connectivity builds upon our list of services that you as a musician can connect your profile to. You can manage the way you’re represented across third party sites, as well as your own website or blog through BandPage. To connect your BandPage to Twitter, SoundCloud and Facebook, you can log in and go to the Connect Center tab within your Editor view to do so.


What you can control from BandPage:

  • SoundCloud: profile photo, About section
  • Twitter: profile photo, website, city
  • Facebook: profile photo, website

“BandPage’s mission has always been to maximize the value we create for both our artists, by distributing their music as widely as possible online, and our partnered social and music platforms, by providing them with the tools needed to instantly connect and promote artists’ content from around the world,” said J Sider, Founder and CEO of BandPage. “BandPage Connect and the distribution of our embeddable API model to third-party developers is simply the next phase of our strategy, and we will continue to broaden our capabilities as well as our network of authorized platforms in the weeks and months ahead.”

About BandPage

BandPage is the musicians’ hub for managing their online presence. Used by over 500,000 musicians ranging from local bands to singers and performers like Rihanna, Jimi Hendrix, Arcade Fire and many more, BandPage is a fully-featured solution for musicians to manage their music, tour dates, photos, bio and videos across the web from one central place. BandPage is a true technology company, pulling top engineers from Google, Apple, Facebook, eBay, and many more to create the best-in-class products. To create a BandPage and learn more, visit BandPage.com.

Tip of the week: Make sure your SoundCloud tracks are ready for streaming!

At BandPage we do our best to pay attention to the needs of our users.  As we continue to evolve our products, we want to make sure that you understand how best to use them.  Recently we have received a lot of questions about the process for getting SoundCloud tracks ready for streaming to your BandPage Profile. Despite some recent changes that we have made, this process has stayed the same.  Here is a quick refresher on how to make sure your SoundCloud tracks are ready to stream and play through your BandPage Profile:

Step 1:  Make sure each track has the right settings in SoundCloud.
To check on this, log in to www.SoundCloud.com and click on the pencil icon above each track that you wish to have available for streaming on your BandPage.

This will bring you into the Settings Pane for your SoundCloud account.  You will want to make sure that you have all the following settings on tracks that you wish to stream to BandPage:




1.  Make sure that your SoundCloud track(s) are set to have Widgets Enabled.
This will allow your songs to stream on any Widgets that are connected to your SoundCloud Account (this includes BandPage Extensions too!).

2.  Make sure that your SoundCloud track(s) are set to have Apps Enabled.
This will allow your songs to stream on any Apps that are connected to your SoundCloud account (like your BandPage on Facebook!)

3.  Make sure that your SoundCloud track(s) are set as Public.
Private tracks can’t be streamed or seen by anyone but you, so you will need to make sure that any tracks you want to have on your BandPage are set as Public in SoundCloud

Step 2:  Make sure that your tracks have been successfully added to your BandPage Profile.

When you add music to your BandPage Profile from your SoundCloud account, make sure that all the desired tracks are available to select from the list.

If your tracks don’t appear, you may not have everything setup correctly.

Once the tracks are selected, click “Next” and you will be prompted to enter any additional track information like title, permissions, and album artwork.  Or you can choose to just upload the tracks and make changes later.  Once that is all done, save and you’re ready to rock!

The changes will appear instantly anywhere online that you use BandPage- whether it’s Facebook, your blog, or your Website!

If you still have questions, you can always visit our Help Center or email us at Support@BandPage.com!