Music Monday: Alex Day and the Power of an Engaged Fan Base

The internet has been buzzing lately about Alex Day, the YouTube sensation who released his album at the same time as Justin Timberlake and outsold him on the iTunes UK charts with a fraction of the resources. How did he do it? Years of hard work to engage and cultivate his passionate fan base.

Day started posting videos on YouTube in 2006, and has kept a schedule of 1-2 videos a week since then – that’s some real dedication there. Now he boasts more than 600,000 subscribers, 100 million + views on YouTube, and over half a million songs sold. Now for the biggest revelation – he’s done it all independently, without a label.

James Altucher of TechCrunch wrote a great piece on Alex and it has some great lessons in there about how musicians should manage social media. The thing to remember about all of this is that it didn’t happen overnight. This was a product of almost a decade of hard work that finally paid off. So to our musicians who are reading this, there will be hard times in your career – but keep building up your foundation and content. Practice and get feedback from your friends and the larger music community. Continually engage your fans and reward them for supporting you. That’s the core idea driving BandPage experiences – we want to give musicians like you an opportunity to break down the glass wall between you and your fans, to reach out to them and engage them like never before.

And of course, here’s Alex Day’s new album for you to listen to and buy:

Alex Day – Epigrams and Interludes

And just for fun, Alex will explain “Lost” to you right now.

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