5 Billion Reasons To Update Your BandPage Profile

We have partnered with LyricFind to display your tour dates and store when fans are looking at your songs across major lyric sites like SongMeanings, Lyrics.com, LyricsMode, LyricsFreak, Sing365, and hundreds more.

Every year LyricFind displays lyrics over 5 billion times to fans. Now, for the first time ever, when fans are looking at your lyrics they will also see your tour dates and store on the same page. We believe that fans interested in looking up lyrics to your songs will also be interested in going to your shows and buying something from your store.

Our goal is to get more people to your shows and generate more revenue through your store by getting it in front of millions of fans that might otherwise miss it. Make sure to log in to your BandPage Profile and update your tour dates and store as we are going live with the integration in the next two weeks!

Here’s what it will look like across partner lyric sites:


Update the Store in your BandPage Profile with merch, VIP Experiences and latest products.

profile-store (1)

Add new tour dates to your Shows section in your BandPage Profile.

profile-shows (1)

You can read the full press release here.


J And The BandPage Team