is now a part of the BandPage network

allmusic_ustheduo_v2, a trusted music reference for more than 20 years, is now the latest online destination on which you can share your BandPage profile materials, such as your profile picture, bio, merchandise listings and upcoming events.

Effortless integration
As a BandPage musician, you will be automatically enabled via your BandPage editor to provide AllMusic with your BandPage profile materials.  If you keep this option enabled, AllMusic will have the option, at its election, of using your BandPage profile materials across its service starting 48 hours from the time of this blog post.

Please note that AllMusic may choose not to use any or all of your BandPage profile materials.  For example, AllMusic may choose to display your upcoming events and merchandise listings, but not your BandPage biography or profile picture at this time. If your content is not made available to AllMusic and you would like to request that it be made available, please contact us and include the URL of your AllMusic artist page; our team will help pass along your request!  

If you do not want to provide AllMusic with your profile materials, you may opt-out by visiting your BandPage editor and deselecting the ‘Enabled’ option in the ‘Audience’ tab.

If you do wish to participate but do not see your BandPage content on your AllMusic artist profile page please contact us and include the URL of your AllMusic profile.

To provide your most up-to-date materials, make sure you update your BandPage profile often. If you need help, we got you covered.

Remember, size matters

Upload a profile photo that is at least 1600 x 1600 pixels, so that you look your best across all platforms and devices.

Google Play is now a part of the BandPage network


Google Play is an online store with millions of digital songs, movies, TV shows, apps, games, books and more. It brings together all of the entertainment you love and lets you explore it in new ways, anytime, anywhere. It is now the latest platform on which you can share your BandPage profile materials, such as your image, bio, merchandise listings and upcoming events.

Effortless integration
As a musician on BandPage, you are automatically enabled to provide Google Play and Google Play Music with your BandPage profile materials in your BandPage editor, unless you opt-out as described below. If you keep this option enabled, Google Play and Google PlayMusic will have the option, at their election, of using your BandPage profile materials (such as your artist profile picture, bio, merchandise listings and upcoming events) across the service starting 48 hours from the time this blog was posted.

If you do not want to provide Google Play or Google Play Music with your profile materials, you may opt-out by visiting your BandPage editor and deselecting the ‘Enabled’ option in the ‘Audience’ tab.

To provide your most up-to-date materials, make sure you update your BandPage profile often. If you need help, we got you covered. Please note it may take some time for our partners to implement syndications.

Remember, size matters
Upload a profile photo that is at least 1600 x 1600 pixels, so that you look your best across all platforms and devices.

BandPage is now sending over 1 million fans to musicians’ stores every month!

Today, we announced a major milestone for our business and for all musicians who use BandPage to distribute their offers.  We are now sending over 1 million fans to musicians’ stores every month!  Read more about what that number means below:

BandPage_1Mil_charts_v05_vertBandPage announced it is now sending over 1,000,000 music fans to musicians’ online stores each month from its partnerships with Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, VEVO, Shazam, Lyricfind and other music services and destination sites. This level of traffic positions BandPage as one of the leading sources of traffic for most musician stores, along with Google search and Facebook. This scale, along with BandPage’s ability to provide fans with highly targeted offers personalized to them, has resulted in musicians making thousands of dollars per month from their offers distributed through the BandPage platform.

relentlessGENERATOR, one of the world’s largest D2C music and entertainment retail platforms managing hundreds of musician stores, confirmed that BandPage was now one of its leading sources of traffic, alongside artist websites, search, email, and social channels. “BandPage has emerged as a significant and valuable partner for GENERATOR,” said Thai Randolph, Chief Marketing Officer at GENERATOR. “If we had to replace the traffic we have received from BandPage during the past six months through a display advertising campaign, we would need to buy over one billion impressions.”

The amount of traffic and transactions occurring on the BandPage network has given the company unparalleled insight into which musician stores and offers are performing the best. The company announced that offers that connect fans to their favorite artists in unique and distinctive ways, such as online experiences, VIP tickets and signed memorabilia, are the best selling items. Additionally, the company announced that fans of the Rock, Electronic and Country genres are the most likely to buy. BandPage is seeing that signed merchandise products sell at prices twice as high and twice as fast as their unsigned counterparts. BandPage reports that the sales of in-person experiences are increasing at the fastest rate.

”Every day we study online trends and the purchasing behavior of music fans and we’ve consistently seen the highest qualified traffic come from the streaming services and music destination sites – where an artist’s customers are engaging with the artists’ music the most,” said J Sider, CEO and Founder of BandPage. “After years of testing, we now have clear insights around what products music consumers find most interesting and what they’re most likely to purchase. The goal of studying these trends and applying the findings to our industry is to always help musicians increase their revenue at a time where the main product we’ve sold for decades has been in major decline. As an industry, we need to work together to understand the new types of products our customers want to buy and then find the most effective ways to reach them to build sustainable careers for musicians big and small.”

Musicians are able to list all of their commercial offerings including presale offers, VIP meet and greet tickets, online concerts, t-shirts, signed merchandise and more by accessing their profile and store via the BandPage Editor. Once added to the BandPage profile the offers display in near realtime to fans on places like Spotify, VEVO, YouTube, Shazam, Rhapsody, and Rdio at the moment fans are most likely to buy.

BandPage is now 10 Times More Effective Than Facebook at Driving Music Customers to Musician’s Stores Using Streaming Behavioral Data

When we announced our landmark partnership with Rhapsody back in June, we were excited to breach a new frontier of opportunity for artists to earn more money from streaming.  The idea was simple: use the power of data to give fans what they want from their favorite artists, whether it’s a VIP ticket upgrade, custom recordings, signed LPs, or anything else an artist might offer.  Never before had listening data from a streaming service been used in this way, and, while optimistic, we weren’t sure just how effective these efforts would be…

We are the musicians, we are innovative and creative and the streaming services that are innovative with us will benefit from having our support.
~Flo Rida

Today, I am thrilled to announce that the results are nothing short of staggering!  To date, we have sent tens of thousands of push notifications with artist offers to Rhapsody listeners whom our algorithm identified as “super-fans” of particular artists.  And fans are engaging at an incredible rate.  We’re seeing clicks at double the rate of Google Search ads, 10x the rate of Facebook ads, and at over 50x the rate of traditional web display advertising.  It’s now clear that this is the most effective way for artists to reach their fans and generate significant incremental revenues from streaming services.


Musicians with whom we have shared the results, including some of the biggest in the world, are rallying behind this incredibly powerful way for streaming services to support artists and help generate new revenues.  Last week, international Hip-Hop star and entrepreneur Flo Rida stopped by the BandPage office in San Francisco where we had a chance to show him the results of our Rhapsody partnership first hand.  He had this to say:

“The fact that these two companies now allow me to engage my biggest fans at the moment they are listening to my music is incredibly impactful to my business, the numbers speak for themselves.  This is an important path forward for musicians and I hope all streaming services make efforts to support musicians in this way.  I, for one, will be directing my fans to use the streaming services that do this and I suggest the same to my fellow musicians.  We are the musicians, we are innovative and creative entrepreneurs and the streaming services that are innovative with us will benefit by having our support. It’s a win win. The solutions that BandPage has created are the kind of innovations that change industries and it’s time for us as an industry to act on it.“

As if that weren’t enough, it turns out that fans love receiving these notifications.  Rhapsody users are engaging with these BandPage targeted messages at a rate 50% higher than other personalized messages sent by Rhapsody.  So Flo had it right, this is a win for artists, a win for streaming services and a win for fans who are now more connected to the musicians they love.

FloRidaBandPageRhapPushFinalIn the coming months, we will be working tirelessly to scale this program, increasing the number of artists that can take advantage of this new revenue opportunity.  At full scale, taking advantage of this program will be as simple as logging in to your BandPage, uploading your offers to your profile, and we’ll take care of the rest.  If you already have offers on your BandPage, we’ll start syndicating those offers to Rhapsody automatically in the coming months.  We will also be working to bring on new streaming partners so you can continue to use BandPage to reach your biggest fans wherever they are.  And, of course, we’ll continue to distribute your content and offers free of charge.

In the meantime, if you are interested in participating in the Rhapsody pilot phase, log in to your BandPage account, click on the ‘Audiences’ tab, and click ‘Request’ next to Rhapsody.

Here’s to building the future of the music(ian) business,
J and the BandPage Team

Making the rounds this May

While we’re always available on Twitter, Facebook and our artist support center, we love seeing our users and partners in person even more. So if you are attending California music tech events this May, keep an eye out for team BandPage.

First, we’ll be hitting up MusicBiz 2014 next week in LA. BandPager Kevin Wyatt will be holding down on a panel and an MBA workshop. If you are in Southern California or making the trip, look out for us.


Later in the month, in San Francisco, we’ll be at the 15th SF Music Tech, where CEO J Sider will take the stage. If you want to learn more about our partner distribution network and how to get involved, look for us there.


We’re looking forward to running into old friends and new at both events!

BandPage Raises $9.25 Million To Help Musicians Reach and Monetize Billions Of Fans Worldwide

Today we are announcing that we have closed a new round of financing that we will use to continue building out the BandPage Partner Network and to keep creating new and powerful revenue channels for musicians. The round was a $9.25 million Series C round led by GGV Capital and Mohr Davidow, firms who have been instrumental in helping guide and support BandPage as we have grown.

This round of financing will help us accelerate towards our goal of helping musicians make great careers, in addition to great art, from being a musician. We will continue to build out partnerships like the ones we have recently announced with Google, Clear Channel, VEVO, Rhapsody, Xbox Music, LyricFind, Live Nation and more. These partnerships are creating ways for musicians to directly reach their fans with their content and things for sale in ways that have never been possible before. There is more for us to do and we will never stop working to make BandPage the most important channel for musicians to reach their fans, engage them and increase their revenues in the process.

BP Network Overview

Brian Message, PJ Harvey and Nick Cave’s manager, Radiohead’s co-manager and Chairman of the Music Managers Forum, contributed the following quote to the press release, for which we were very grateful:

“BandPage is playing a critical role in empowering musicians to further their careers in the digital age. The future of the music business is the direct musician-to-fan connection and, by working with the music services to build a channel through which musicians can directly reach their fans with content and commercial offers, BandPage is helping musicians capitalize on the tremendous opportunity facing the music business today.”

Our own J Sider may have summed it up best when he said:

“We are in the musician business, the business of driving revenue growth and expanding fan bases on behalf of musicians big and small around the world. For the first time in the history of the music business, the industry has the information and technology necessary to reach billions of fans year round at the right time, with the right offer at the right price. Making that a reality for musicians is why we come into work everyday.”

We look forward to achieving great things for musicians…and for music overall.

5 Billion Reasons To Update Your BandPage Profile

We have partnered with LyricFind to display your tour dates and store when fans are looking at your songs across major lyric sites like SongMeanings,, LyricsMode, LyricsFreak, Sing365, and hundreds more.

Every year LyricFind displays lyrics over 5 billion times to fans. Now, for the first time ever, when fans are looking at your lyrics they will also see your tour dates and store on the same page. We believe that fans interested in looking up lyrics to your songs will also be interested in going to your shows and buying something from your store.

Our goal is to get more people to your shows and generate more revenue through your store by getting it in front of millions of fans that might otherwise miss it. Make sure to log in to your BandPage Profile and update your tour dates and store as we are going live with the integration in the next two weeks!

Here’s what it will look like across partner lyric sites:


Update the Store in your BandPage Profile with merch, VIP Experiences and latest products.

profile-store (1)

Add new tour dates to your Shows section in your BandPage Profile.

profile-shows (1)

You can read the full press release here.


J And The BandPage Team