Get Your Tour Dates To Show Up In Google Search Today With BandPage

Our goal as always is to help musicians generate more revenue and grow their fanbase.  We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Google to display your show dates when anyone searches for you.  This partnership with Google will help more fans find out about your shows, leading to more ticket sales and, ultimately, more revenue in your pocket.  As long as you are using the BandPage show widget to power your show section on your official website, Google will display your upcoming tour dates to anyone searching for you on Google Search.

Here is a step by step video showing you how make sure your BandPage is powering tour dates on Google.

Here’s how it works: when you install a BandPage Shows Widget on your official website, Google will pull in the dates from that Widget and display them next to search results for you and your band.  This display is called the “Knowledge Panel” and your events  looks like this:

google upcoming events

If a fan clicks on one of the dates in the Knowledge Panel, a new screen appears highlighting details about the show and noting that the information is coming from your official website.  It looks like this:mowglisdatebox.png

To control these results, you just need to install a BandPage Shows Widget on your official website.  These widgets are highly customizable so they look great.  Creating and installing them is a snap (the video above shows just how easy it is).  After you’ve done that, anytime you add a new show to your BandPage Profile, it will automatically update on your website and get picked up by Google’s Knowledge Panel.

It’s important to note that Google will only pull in this information if you install a BandPage Shows Widget on your official website, so log in to your BandPage account and set up your widget on your website today to take advantage of this incredible opportunity (see Google’s official blog post about it here).

We are very excited to partner with Google to give you the power to make sure more of your fans know about your shows and buy more tickets, ultimately generating more revenue for you!

We’re kicking off a partnership with Rhapsody

We’re excited to announce today that we’re launching a major integration with Rhapsody.

Rhapsody will now send targeted emails and notifications to listeners based on their preferences, which includes direct links to purchase limited-edition, VIP BandPage Experiences. Fans that have recently streamed or purchased specific artists will get instant access to the Experiences.

We’re making it possible for musicians to reach their fans in new ways and create a sustainable living. And this the single newest — and most exciting — way for musicians to generate revenue through targeting on streaming platforms like Rhapsody. When we reach fans in moments where they are truly and deeply focused on that artist, we see conversions happen. One summer tour shattered expectations when the artists made $100,000 in just 48 hours selling VIP Meet-and-Greet Packages.

Rhapsody is kicking off our partnership by exclusively marketing several Experiences directly to fans of artists, like Third Eye Blind, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rozzi Crane, Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Parliament and more. Fans who have purchased or streamed the artist’s music in the last month will receive emails or direct messaging regarding these offers.


One of the first bands to be involved in the integration is Third Eye Blind, who are offering fans VIP Ticket Packages, which includes: a ticket to the show; access to part of the band’s sound check where they will play new songs; meet-and-greet session after sound check; one t-shirt from the merch booth and one signed setlist after the show.

Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind frontman has said, “The partnership with Rhapsody provides the perfect context for our most dedicated fans to discover our VIP Experiences…at a moment when they are totally focused on the band.”

This partnership represents the first phase of our integration with Rhapsody — future integrations will feature tour dates, bios, photos and more. Coming on the heels of our partnerships with Xbox Music and VEVO, we’re thrilled to continue providing artists with a central profile to reach their fans, allowing them to increase engagement and revenue. Much more in the works. Stay tuned!

BandPage Partners With Ning To Help Musicians Build Fan Communities

BandPage is pleased to welcome to our growing family of Content Syndication Partners.  Used by artists like Linkin Park and Plain White T’s, is a community-based platform that makes it easy for musicians to launch their very own social network site in the matter of minutes.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 3.10.57 PM

BandPage teamed up with Ning with a single goal in mind: to deliver a number of robust community site features to those musicians that are ready to go beyond Facebook, a static website or blog and let their biggest fans take center stage. Unlike other social platforms, Ning lets bands and fans connect, converse, and create content together through tools such as band- or fan-led blogs, forums, photo sections, and more.  Plus, Ning gives musicians complete ownership and control of their branded online communities where they can nurture, cultivate, and empower their loyal followers.

Our new BandPage/Ning integration makes it easy for you to pull all of your different social networks and properties together under one roof where fans can follow your various social feeds, stay up to date with your latest blog content as well as participate in fan forums with other fans.  And instead of building your site from scratch, any musicians with a BandPage Account can automatically shift and syncing their BandPage content with their Ning site using our “BandPage Connect” technology.  Connecting your BandPage account automatically syncs all of your BandPage content, including your music, tour dates, photos, videos and About info to your Ning-powered site.  You can then choose to alter the design of your site by uploading your own header and background images and making the necessary adjustments to the font and color.  It’s that simple.


For those of you who want to engage with their fans on a deeper level, you can take advantage of the power and flexibility of Ning 3.0 to add features and custom pages on the fly: fan photo section, individual band member blogs, a private street team forum, contests, and more.  Dada Life’s Ning-powered site, Dada Land, allows Citizens (fans) to climb the member ranks and become Dad Land Ambassadors by completing a certain number of missions. The possibilities are endless.

Our very own Chris Wiltsee, Sr. Director of Business Development, had this to say about our unique partnership, “bands want feature-rich flexible social networks and are eager to integrate their unique content into those networks. Ning is clearly striving to meet this need and BandPage is pleased to welcome Ning into its growing base of content partners.”

Check out just how easy it is to quickly incorporate your BandPage profile into your Ning social site in the video below and try it for free by going to and clicking the BandPage Connect button.

Connect Your BandPage Content with Ning from Ning on Vimeo.

BandPage Now Extends Your Profile to Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and Sponsored Concert Listings on Pandora

bandpage-now-powersHey BandPagers,

Happy New Year! We’ve got some great news for you. We’re excited to announce the continued expansion of our platform integrations including Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and now the sponsored Concert Listings on Pandora. With these new integrations, we’re continuing to increase the reach of musicians worldwide with more ways for you to engage your fans.

“We use BandPage for all of our artists from POD to Maroon 5. It’s awesome to be able to control our online presence with just a few clicks, even better now that Pandora and Twitter are new channels. We’re able to spend more time on our online strategy rather than wasting it updating site after site,” says Ryan Kravontrka of Career Artist Management.

The Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud integrations make it possible for artists to manage how they represent themselves on the biggest online social networking sites by updating their profile photo and parts of their bio from within the BandPage editor. The Pandora Concert Listings, which is sponsored by third-party advertisers, allows artists to manage show dates that appear to listeners based on their Pandora stations and location.

BandPage Powers Twitter, Facebook, Pandora and SoundCloud

“I remember when I was growing up, if I heard a song that resonated with me, it took all sorts of effort to identify the band and find out if, when and where they might be touring. It’s exciting to see artist driven companies work together to create a better experience for the fan and make things easier,” says Grammy-nominated musician Matisyahu.

BandPage is committed to finding new opportunities to help you deliver your content to your fans across the web. Twitter, Facebook, Pandora and SoundCloud are the latest addition to the many platforms you can now manage from within BandPage, and we’ll be continuing to find great places and ways for you to promote your music so make sure to update your profile. It’s an exciting time and we’re excited to be doing this with you!

As always, make sure to follow the BandPage blog for more updates and tips!