Sunsetting the BandPage Service

Steps to Take Before BandPage Sunset on May 31st

Effective May 31st, 2018 we are sunsetting BandPage to fully focus on developing the Official Artist Channel program at YouTube. Once we sunset BandPage, your BandPage account will be deleted and your content will no longer be shared with the BandPage syndication network.

So what’s next?

If you haven’t done so already, you may transfer the contents of your BandPage profile to YouTube before May 31st if you meet the requirements. Once you have transferred your profile, you can manage or update your content in the Press Kit section of the YouTube Artist Center. Your new YouTube Press Kit will be governed by the YouTube Terms of Service and will enable you to manage your profile on YouTube properties, such as Search and the YouTube Music App.

To migrate your account you’ll need your BandPage profile Admin credentials. Go to, log in with those credentials and follow the prompts.

If you do not take action, your BandPage account will be deleted by June 30th.

From the whole BandPage team, thank you for partnering with us over the last eight years. It’s been an exciting journey, and we hope to be able to continue to build impactful products for you at YouTube.

– The BandPage Team

Important changes to the BandPage service

Important changes to the BandPage service and how to join us on YouTube

Since we joined YouTube, we’ve been working with the team to design and build improvements that will help artists connect with their fans on YouTube more deeply than before. As announced in December – in order to pave the way for new features, we’re making important changes to the BandPage service.

Effective March 8th, BandPage users will no longer have access to the BandPage editor, and the following features have been discontinued:  

  • public-facing profiles
  • The BandPage Facebook applications
  • BandPage store and event features
  • Facebook and Twitter integrations
  • Website widgets
  • Custom website
  • Account creation and ability to add new admins

Learn more about what this means and explore a list of alternative services for discontinued features in our help center article.

So what’s next? We invite you to join us at YouTube!

By setting up an Artist Profile on YouTube, you’ll be eligible for new artist features that help with music discovery as they become available.  Login to BandPage to transfer your BandPage photos and bio to a new or existing YouTube channel. Learn about eligibility for the move to YouTube here.

If you prefer not to transfer your BandPage photos and bio, learn more about your other options in our help center.

From the whole BandPage team, thank you for partnering with us over the last seven years.  Stay tuned for more news on new features at YouTube!

Rhapsody and BandPage launch tool to drive fans to local concerts for their favorite musicians

How many times have you heard this from a friend, a fan, even yourself: “I had no idea [insert artist name here] was in town! I can’t believe I missed that concert.”  It’s a more common occurrence than many of us realize.  In fact, a Live Nation study claims that 40% of tickets go unsold largely due to a lack of awareness.  Many services have tried to solve this problem, but most fall short of helping musicians sell out shows and give fans the best ticket purchase experience possible.  

BandPage and Rhapsody have teamed up to let fans know about upcoming concerts and help musicians drive ticket sales. Starting today, a new real-time concert push notification feature will deliver alerts to your fans based on their listening behaviors, preferences, and geography, the first  of its kind. The best part is there are no additional services required – no apps to download, no complicated tasks to complete.  All your fans need to do is simply listen to your music.  

Push_Events_G-eazy_v3But what does this push notification service look like?  Imagine you are absolutely head over heels for Oakland based artist G-Eazy.  You’ve had his latest album, “When It’s Dark Out,”on repeat for weeks.  Unbeknownst to you, G-Eazy recently announced a world tour, and he’s coming to your town.  In the middle of a G-Eazy binge on Rhapsody, you get a push notification on your phone (like the one pictured here) informing you of an upcoming G-Eazy show in your town!  A simple tap on “Get Tickets”, and you are on your way to G-Eazy bliss.

What makes this a more powerful experience for music fans is two things:

It engages your fans in a ‘moment of intent’
We live our lives in moments.  And we act upon our impulses in these moments.  If we’re in an “I’m hungry and need to eat” moment, and we see an ad for a local pizza place, we’re more likely to go buy that pizza than at any other time.  As BandPage has observed, the same applies to music.  When a fan is actively listening to your music, that is the best moment to show them a message, an offer, or a concert ticket direct from you.

It offers a seamless experience, taking your fans directly from Rhapsody to the point of ticket purchase
Unlike other ‘concert awareness’ services that require another app to open or an intermediate page to view, BandPage concert push notifications take your fans directly to your ticketing provider’s purchase page for that specific show, increasing the likelihood that your fans will complete a purchase.

Under the Hood: What goes into triggering a push notification?

It all starts with getting your tour dates into BandPage.  BandPage then uses a combination of listening data to identify the best fans to receive information about your concerts.  That data is then combined with geographic data to identify the best tour date to feature in the message.  Finally, once we identify a fan is in a ‘moment of intent’, aka. actively listening to your music, the appropriate tour date will be selected from your BandPage profile, and the push notification will trigger.  BandPage regulates carefully the frequency and volume of messages your fans receive, so they will never be spammed with unwanted messages.  

You have questions.  We have answers.

How can I start sending push notifications about my shows to my fans on Rhapsody?

If you already have your music on Rhapsody, all you need to do is add your tour dates to your BandPage.  Once your tour dates are in BandPage’s system, we’ll automatically start searching for the best fans to receive messages about your tour.

How much does this feature cost?

Exactly zero dollars.  Free.  Just like all BandPage content hosting and distribution services across Rhapsody and other streaming services, sending push notifications to your fans doesn’t cost you a dime.

Do I need to worry about my fans getting too many or unwanted messages?

Nope.  BandPage will optimize the volume and frequency of messages your fans receive so that such messages never become ‘spammy’ or burdensome to your fans.  Your fans also have the ability to disable push notifications from Rhapsody entirely if they so choose.

I want to read more about this! Where?

Great! Here’s what Hypebot had to say. And here’s a nice shout out from Rain News.  And check out Rhapsody’s press release here.

I have other questions.  Who can I contact?

We’d love to hear from you!  Direct any inquiries about this program or anything BandPage to

Disciple Media Partners with BandPage to Target Musician Mobile Apps to Super-Fans

Today Disciple Media announced a new partnership with BandPage to distribute bespoke musician mobile apps to their biggest fans across the BandPage Network.  Disciple Media is a music technology company that creates and powers mobile apps for musicians with a special focus on helping them generate revenue from their fan base.  Musicians that sign up with Disciple will be able to easily take advantage of BandPage’s behavioral targeting capability and wide portfolio of partnerships reaching over a billion music fans across multiple platforms including Spotify, Shazam, Rhapsody, VEVO, Rdio, LyricFind and more.

We are always looking for new and powerful ways for musicians to build their career and believe that products like the ones musicians can create on Disciple Media’s platform are an important piece of the necessary array of products in an musician’s store.  We have seen time and again that products that help fans have a great experience around their passion for an artist are one of the greatest opportunities for revenue growth for musicians.

We will be working with Disciple Media to create innovative marketing campaigns involving artists themselves, and then leveraging our targeting capabilities to make sure each artist’s “super fans” are aware of the apps across various music platforms. Campaigns will include targeted notifications through our recently announced data partnership with Rhapsody as well as other targeted communications such as audio ads directly from musicians to their fans, targeted emails and more.

Rhapsody and BandPage Harness The Power Of Big Data To Provide The Complete Music Experience

Rhapsody, the music streaming pioneer, and BandPage, the central marketplace that over 500,000 musicians use to engage and sell to hundreds of millions of fans, have launched a partnership that creates a full-service, personalized streaming experience. Rhapsody users will not only get to listen to all the music they want but also be alerted when their favorite band is coming to town and receive more information about new bands they discover. The biggest fans – those who listen and engage the most – will be treated as VIPs and be directly notified of special opportunities such as private shows, custom recordings and more.

Push Notification on Rhapsody Rhapsody Offer Page

Every day Rhapsody users listen to tracks, “favorite” songs, follow musicians and share tracks with friends. Taken together, these millions of data points paint a clear picture of fans’ favorite musicians. To give fans more of what they love, Rhapsody will now deliver fans compelling things from their favorite musicians like upcoming shows and special opportunities about the band. The insights to what fans want are derived by applying complex analytics to the “big data” sets created by Rhapsody users. This data is only used to provide relevant offers and users can opt out of notifications, if they choose.

“We’ve known that we were sitting on a goldmine of information about music fans and have been looking for ways to help drive revenue for musicians while improving the user experience,” said Greg Spils, ‎Director, Traffic & Demand at Rhapsody International. “By partnering with BandPage, we’ve lit upon a solution to create the full music service experience: one place where fans can listen to music, get updates and special offers from their favorite bands, and learn about new bands.”

BandPage is a marketplace with more music-related offers than any other platform in the world. Like most online marketplaces, BandPage uses behavioral targeting, analyzing large data sets to understand which fans would be interested in which offer, and leverages that insight to display the right offer to the right fan at the right time. The music industry, with its billions of monthly active online users, has online engagement, the raw ingredient for effective behavioral targeting, that dwarfs almost every other industry on earth. This creates an unprecedented opportunity to leverage this method of targeting, ultimately creating a better user experience for fans and more revenue for musicians.

“At BandPage, we’re always striving to find the most powerful ways to generate revenue for musicians and now what we’ve been working on for years is a reality,” said J Sider, CEO and Founder of BandPage. “For the first time ever, we can help musicians reach their fans where they are spending the most time in a highly targeted way which also creates a great user experience for the fan. The fan never gets anything that feels like spam, they will only see offers for their favorite bands. It’s truly a ‘win-win’ where the fan gets what they want, which, in turn, drives more revenue for musicians.”

In the same way other big data analytics firms use data from major streaming services to power music recommendations, BandPage is using data to help streaming services know what tour date or special offer to display to the fan with the goal of creating a better user experience for the fan and more revenue for the band.

“From where we sit this is a fundamental shift in the way we run our business,” said Tim Hunkele, VP of digital strategy for Wiz Khalifa. “We used to reach our fans on our website and social media. However, as the music industry shifts, our fans are spending far more time consuming music on streaming services, so that’s where we need to reach them. Instead of posting the same offers to everyone like we do on Facebook or Twitter; BandPage and Rhapsody help us display the right offers at the right time to the right fan. Musicians have been looking for ways that streaming services can help them drive more revenue; this is it. I see this as a major part of what will drive our revenue moving forward, while making it easy for our fans to find the best experiences tailored to them.“

Gov’t Mule Sweepstakes Winner

We recently ran an awesome sweepstakes with Gov’t Mule, and now it’s time to announce the winner! After receiving many entries, we’re thrilled to congratulate:

Megan Migliore

Congratulations, Jason! A big thanks to everyone who participated, and keep an eye out for more contests like this in the future.


The Disco Fries Sweepstakes Winner

We recently ran an awesome sweepstakes with The Disco Fries, and now it’s time to announce the winner! After receiving many entries, we’re thrilled to congratulate:

Jason Lee

Disco Fries


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