Tip of the week: How to Install your BandPage App to your Facebook Page

A few months ago we made some changes to the BandPage editor and updated the process by which you get your BandPage App live on your official Facebook page.  Below is a quick overview of how to install your BandPage Profile to your Facebook Page so you can showcase your music, tour dates, photos and videos to the world.

Step 1:  Make sure that all of your BandPage content is up to date and ready to share! Once you have signed into www.BandPage.com and selected the Facebook Page you would like to edit you will be defaulted into the “Create Your Profile” tab.  Your Profile tab is where you go to manage all of your important content such as your music tracks, tour dates, shows, videos, etc.   It’s important to make sure your content is always up-to-date so fans are always seeing your the right information .  Let our new Profile Strength Bar be your guide.


Step 2:  Customizing Your BandPage on Facebook and Adding Additional Features Once you have finished updating all of your important content in the “Create Your Profile” tab, go ahead and click on the “Connect” tab in the top navigation bar.  In the left hand column you will see various options including “Online Media,” “Custom Website,” “Web Widgets,” and “Facebook.”  Clicking “Facebook” will bring you into the Facebook App editor.  From the Facebook Editor, you will be able to update your banner image, customize the colors of your player and tour dates as well as add a banner link, a video in the banner or create a fan/non-fan banner.  Editing your banner image and color scheme is as easy as clicking on “Appearance.”  Adding additional features like email capture, a banner link, or a video banner can be accomplished by clicking “Tools” underneath the Facebook Header.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 4.17.37 PM

Step 3:  Install your BandPage Profile to Facebook. Now that everything is set up and looking the way you want it (you can check this by clicking the “preview” button located under the Facebook header) you will need to click on the “Install to Facebook” button, which is located right above the banner in the upper right hand corner. Your BandPage Facebook App is ready to rock!

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 5.24.31 PM

As always, we love to hear feedback from you guys about how well BandPage is workingfor you!  Over the last few weeks many of you have written in with some awesome suggestions on how we could improve this installation flow.  We want to thank you for taking the time to let us know what you think and encourage you to keep the feedback coming!  We love to know your thoughts so that we can keep improving the BandPage experience. You can leave us some comments here, post  your questions and suggestions to our Help Center, or contact us at Support@bandpage.com!

One thought on “Tip of the week: How to Install your BandPage App to your Facebook Page

  1. How do I connect BandPage to a Facebook page that already erxists? Whenever I try, it tells me there are no pages attached to my profile and prompts me to create a new one…

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