Direct Links to your BandPage and new Timeline Layout

Since Timeline for Facebook Pages was announced, we’ve received a lot of questions asking how artists can feature BandPage as their default landing tab. Today we’ve released new BandPage Direct Links – – The best way to send your fans to your BandPage. The Direct Link can be placed anywhere – your blog, Twitter bio, SoundCloud, website, Facebook Wall Posts, etc – and your fans will go directly to your BandPage.

To find your Direct Link, login to and go into the editor for the BandPage that you would like to link to.

  • Click Settings -> Click ‘’
  • There you will see your Direct Link for your BandPage and an option to request a new link if you desire.

Share your new Direct Link with your fans to send them directly to your BandPage on Facebook, even if BandPage is no longer your default landing tab. As a Best Practice, we suggest that you use the new Direct Link on all of your online profiles, websites, and posts that link to your Facebook Page.

As of today, all BandPages have access to the new Timeline layout. We encourage you to Preview Timeline for BandPage and upload a new 810px by 360px banner to take full advantage of the new layout! After much research and feedback from you and others in the industry, we’ve moved Photos, Videos, Store and About sections to the top of your BandPage to make it easy for your fans to discover more about you.

All Facebook Pages will transition to Timeline this Friday, March 30th, and we have you covered. You can now get a sneak preview of your BandPage optimized for Timeline for your existing Timeline pages! To enable the new Timeline layout of BandPage you must visit your BandPage on Facebook, where you will see an option to preview or switch to the new BandPage. Please make sure to upload a new banner image before April 15.

We’re excited to launch our new direct links and release the new Timeline layout for everyone. If you have any feedback or questions about this release, post in the comments below or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Direct Links to your BandPage and new Timeline Layout

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    • You can always use your old link as well! We’re just allowing for more options, and we felt like was a bit more clear but feel free to continue using if you need shorter!

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